After 7 Month Deployment in Afghanistan U S Airman Surprises Mom at Restaurant

SAVANNAH, GA (WVLT) - A trooper from Georgia amazed his mom at work in the wake of coming back from a 7-month-arrangement to Afghanistan.

Air Force Brothers Surprise Visit

I strolled in the entryway after my last execution in my senior year melodic, to be shocked by my auntie, cousins, and grandparents. Much to my dismay...

Air Force dad surprises daughter at Las Vegas school

Aviation based armed forces Father Astonishments Little girl After His Arrival From Afghanistan | Jordan was tuning in to her chief discussion about the noteworthiness of Dedication...

Airman Joe Kocotos Surprises Brother at PV Rally

LITTLE FALLS, NJ - U.S. Aviator Joe Kocotos warrior astounded his more youthful sibling Tony on Friday at Passaic Valley's passionate and extraordinary pre-game event.

Airman Surprises Daughter A Heartwarming Reunion

GERMANTOWN, Dad - A video caught one Delaware District family's endearing get-together Wednesday between a military father and his little girl. In the...

Airmen return to Klamath Falls from deployment

Klamath Falls, Mineral. – Two pilots from Kingsley Field came all the way back Tuesday night from an extensive voyage through obligation abroad.