Army Reserve Sgt surprises daughter at school


An Army Reserve officer made a surprise homecoming Tuesday. It’s a long trip from Iraq to Russell, Kansas, but Sgt. Loren Schroeder says the look on his daughter’s face made it all worthwhile. Emma Schroeder is a fifth grader at Bickerdyke Elementary in Russell. Her dad says the surprise at her school was weeks in the making. “My whole intention was to surprise the whole family but I couldn’t get a ride from Hays so I had to let my wife in on it. She came up with ‘lets just surprise our youngest one,'” said Sgt. Schroeder. While Emma was taking a water fountain break, her dad snuck in and sat at her desk, anxiously waiting for her to come back. “When I came back in I saw him and started crying,” said Emma Schroeder. Sgt. Schroeder left for Iraq this past October. His deployment is for an entire year but he was able to take leave to get some much-needed family time. Sgt. Schroeder will be in Kansas for two weeks before heading back to Iraq. He hopes to be home in late October.


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