A Military Reunion Surprise at Snow Whites Wishing Well for Alyssa Liam at Disneyland


Alyssa (4 yrs old) & her baby brother Liam (14 mos) had a big surprise waiting for them at Disneyland – their Marine father who just returned from Afghanistan! BIG props to the folks at Disney who helped us plan & organize this. Our friend, Anna & her colleagues not only helped us with a surprise reunion, but also passed along our story to Hotel Management who also took it upon themselves to make our stay feel like we were royalty. I cannot say thank you enough to all of them for making this reunion & our stay truly Disney magical. Anna came up with the great idea of having Scott surprising the children at Snow White’s wishing well. I thought that I would just take Alyssa over & we throw coins in, make our wish & Scott would walk out – but Snow White was actually there & ready to leave after her turn of greeting guests, but Anna & the Disney ladies asked for her to stay longer in order to help with our surprise. Alyssa was excited to go to Disneyland, but was sad Scott was not going to be with us. Turn your sound up – its pretty touching what Alyssa told Snow White. Since the reunion earlier today, Alyssa has been sticking right to Scott’s side & every few minutes kept saying, “I missed you Daddy.” It took Liam a little bit to feel comfortable with Scott, but by the end of the day he was sitting on Daddy’s lap too enjoying some cuddle time. Later that night as Scott tucked Alyssa into bed, she put both hands on the side of his face & said, “Daddy, my wish came true.” Thank you again to these amazing people who made us feel so welcome & made this reunion one to remember!!! You went over & above – thank you.


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